February 2020 newsletter Making things happen builds confidence



Making things happen builds your confidence


When I was a kid, I felt great when I was able to make something happen. When I shoveled a driveway or mowed a yard or cleaned the garage, I always felt a sense of accomplishment when the job was finished. My confidence grew because I knew that I had the ability to get things done.


Fast-forward to 2020, and guess what? Making things happen still makes me happy and gives me confidence.



“I like things to happen; and if they don’t happen,

I like to make them happen.“

– Winston Churchill



We all have the ability to make things happen, no matter what our chosen career might be. If you’re in sales, you can make more sales happen. If you’re a manager, you can help your employees become more productive. If you’re in customer service, you can improve your people skills.


Making things happen will make you feel happier and more confident – I guarantee it! Have you ever thought about ways to make good things happen in your life? Think about it for a minute. If you could make one thing happen that is attainable, what would it be?


Is your answer on the following list? Here are a few suggestions to help you start making things happen.

1.    More Sales: Begin by eliminating all of the non-productive activities from your day so you can MAKE MORE TIME for sales-producing activities. Be creative and innovative, and put a lot of thought into ways to be more productive. You have this ability.

2.    More Contacts: Join a networking group of like-minded people and attend more Chamber of Commerce events. Weed out the wrong people from your life so you can make room for the right people – the ones who will benefit from spending time with you and will also help you accomplish your goals. Host an intimate party and invite people that you want to get to know better. The best way to make more contacts is to get MORE INVOLVED. You have this ability.

3.    More Family Time: If you want to spend more time with your family, your number one focus should be on time management. Treat your time with your family the same way you would treat an appointment with clients: Schedule it on your calendar as part of your day. Consolidate your other activities so you can spend more time with your family. You can make more FAMILY TIME happen by making it a priority. You have this ability.

4.    More Money: If you want to have more money, start by making a list of everything you are spending money on right now, from your gym membership to your mortgage/rent payment and even the amount of money you spend on coffee and cocktails. Your list must be specific and complete. Your next step is to go through your list and eliminate things you don’t need. You will probably be surprised to see how much money you can save. After getting rid of unnecessary expenses, you can start thinking about ways to EARN more income. Maybe you could find a second job or MAKE MORE MONEY by working harder at your current job. You have this ability.

“Your income is directly related to your philosophy,

not the economy.” – Jim Rohn


I strongly agree with Jim Rohn that the economy does not control the amount of money I can earn. My income depends on my philosophy, which is to maintain an unmatchable work ethic through economic ups and downs. I have been through four market downturns in my career, and when others were leaving the real estate industry I maintained my work ethic and flourished. Why? Because I made a decision to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.


I believe we all have the ability to dig deep in our soul and bring out the absolute best version of who we can be. Believe me, it is there. If you truly want to make good things happen in your life, you have to spend quality time thinking about how to do this. Disconnect from technology once in a while so you can be laser focused on what is important to you. Create a plan and a timeline to make things happen.


It feels great to accomplish something big because of your own efforts. If you can do it one time, then you can do it again and again and again. You have this God-given ability.Making things happen builds your confidence.


If not now, then when? And if not you, then who?



Van Deeb is recognized as an authority in sales, customer service, and leadership. His proven methods and techniques helped Van build one of the largest real estate companies in the country, growing his business from just himself to an agency with 350 associates. Invite Van to present a workshop, keynote, or event at your company. Contact Van at his direct line: 402-680-8448, through email:, or on the Web at


What People in the Audience are Saying…

With Van's passion, humor and experience you can be assured of one thing- your audience is going to get fired-up, built-up, and fully charged –up. As an entrepreneur at the top of his game Van is in the unique position of being able to "talk the talk" because he has "walked the walk". Over the years he has been a great inspiration to me and my staff. Van is a speaker with charisma, humility and impact and he's a difference maker in the lives of the people he touches…"

—George Akers // President, First Mortgage Corp.

I wanted to thank you for coming and speaking with our company today. I thought your presentation was awesome! I was really motivated and inspired by your thoughts and ideas. I will use this motivation to grow my business and my personal life.”

—Justin Pauls // Realtor, Tampa, Florida

We are delighted you will be accepting the award for Omaha’s Top 25 fastest growing companies. Congratulations on your outstanding growth and we wish you continued success.”

—Tracey Fortina // Omaha Chamber of Commerce

Thank you for running such a class act company. It is an honor and a pleasure to be associated with someone such as yourself. I know you are probably one of the most respected businessmen in the region.”

—Dustin Talacko // Realtor, Omaha, Nebraska

Congratulations on writing “Selling from the heart” and thank you for sharing a copy with me. Your class has been one of the most enjoyable classes I’ve ever taken. Your enthusiasm and passion for your work are awesome. But the most refreshing part of the class was your delightful sense of humor. Thank you again for being a fantastic teacher.”

—Linda Reismeiler // Student at Randall School of Real Estate, Omaha, Nebraska

Kudos to you, Van, for reaching a major goal. But more than that...For successfully building one of Omaha’s best companies from scratch and making it thrive even in less than ideal market conditions. You have realized the American Dream...And brought it home to many, many others. My best to you!”

—Todd Andrews, Anchor and Producer, KETV Omaha

Having you here again was such a blessing to so many! As I looked at the pictures, I could see just how interested each and every person was in what you had to say!

This has been such a gift to our agents when they need it the most. The fact that you come, you are so genuine and caring, you are so honest, you are not trying to sell anything and your passion to help each and every person believe in themselves and become the best they can be is HUGE! The timing is perfect for us all helping and caring about each other, so, thank YOU from the bottom of my heart for giving of yourself to help all of us!”

—Carolyn Summerton // First Mortgage Company of Idaho

I enjoyed your seminar and its focus. I was on the fence whether or not to attend and decided why not? I could have sat through an all day session if there was one, usually I end up at the seminars that start with a focus and quickly go astray. I found with yours time flew by too fast and it was already time to go but I wasn’t ready to go.”

—Scott Asbill, CDPE // Associate Broker, Realtor